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Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Words, words, words

I see Madame Defarge is feeling deprived of the opportunity to comment in her Blogger identity. Such is the world of dependence on "free" software, but that's one of my King Charles's heads when I'm at work, and I don't intend to harp on it now.

Instead, let us ponder the relative frustrations of, on the one hand, having things to say and not being able to say them, or - as in my case in recent weeks - having a space to say things, and not finding that much to say.

It might, perhaps, be an idea to try a different sort of concept: in which spirit, this website offers some ideas for blog titles - Crepuscular Degeneration, anyone? Withdrawn Lassitude?

Alternatively, some new vocabulary might be in order. In which case, in honour of Burns Night, here is a test of some opportunities from north of the border. (29 out of 35, since you ask, mostly by inspired guesswork: and I'm still working out how to create the opportunity to call someone a kenspeckle bauchle cockapentie - now that would be a blog identity to have some fun with).

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