Heron Island, Great Barrier Reef, Australia

Sunday 16 January 2011

Just when we thought we'd seen enough ice

One of my colleagues is in China, aiming to visit the Harbin Ice Festival, practically on the opposite spot on the globe. How should I tell him when he comes back that the Canary Wharf bread and circuses events team have just organised something similar here in London?

Well, all right, not exactly (OK, not a lot) like that, but interesting all the same. There were professionals from Africa, Hungary, France, the Netherlands and Portugal as well as the UK, doing some amazing things: the Africans had a lion and an elaborate carved archway sort of thing, the Netherlands had a collection of London icons (including the Dome, complete with its crown of support struts), the Hungarians had an intaglio screen of London "types" striding out, Abbey Road crossing style, and the French (surprise, surprise) offered a sculpture of a lady with a rather large bottom. Ordinary punters got a chance to have a crack at something less ambitious - no chain saws, but plenty of chances to work off some energy stabbing, prodding, sawing and scraping away:

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