Heron Island, Great Barrier Reef, Australia

Saturday 27 April 2013

What to say about one's umpteenth visit to Paris, especially if, as these people appear to be, you're all museum-ed out?

Mostly it's the odds and ends that catch the eye, like a street corner scene, or the quirkiness of an otherwise unremarkable corner café apparently undistinguishable from thousands of others across the city:

Tuesday 9 April 2013

A forthcoming home exchange with my Parisian contact means launching a spring-cleaning programme, and taking a chance on the slightest hint of a let-up in the cold weather, to see if Columbia Road market had anything to liven up my sad-looking window-boxes.

The usual ready-flowering annuals were, not surprisingly, in short supply (though one stall had fuchsias and petunias, which was all I needed). Most of the stock on display seemed to be cut flowers, hardy (they'd have to be) perennials and greenhouse exotics. But the sunshine brought out a good mood, and even a couple of pearlies with their collecting tins.

And whatever the weather, market traders are irrepressible. These dramatic orchids were being sold as "Cheap enough to give to your mother-in-law!":

Meanwhile, for comment on the main news of the week so far, rather than yet another example of de mortuis nil nisi bunkum, Diamond Geezer has a useful all-purpose post.