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Wednesday, 25 July 2007

Of the Naming of Names

I wouldn't normally bother with this sort of thing, but here's a real YCMIU.

On the other hand, perhaps you could.

It seems to me this is getting like the naming of pedigree dogs: a series of pedigree names and then the everyday pet name in brackets, like Champion Godalming Liontamer Fluffybits III (Oi you)

I can see it becoming more formalised:

Braindead Footballer and Silicone-Enhanced Model announce the arrival* of

Lafifilisha Frangipani Valrhona/Freixenet/Brabantia/Tenalady** (Doris)***

The President of the College of Branded Personalities and the Chief Sneerer of the League of Chat-Show Hosts, Comedians and Associated Scoffers have graciously consented to register the child in the Annals of Celebrity (usual terms and conditions apply).

*it will be bad form to reveal whether this was by normal conception and birth, Caesarian, turkey-baster, IVF, adoption or abduction, in order to protect the TV documentary rights
**Depending on sponsorship negotiations
***Nobody disses his Gran. She's not speaking to hers.

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