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Sunday, 15 July 2007

Ode to YOY

Irritating as they can be, acronyms for conventional phrases in internet communication can be a useful way to save time. Any problem is with overuse and misuse - like adding LOL to every post however dull, or using IMHO to preface an opinion that the poster obviously thinks is universal wisdom. But it is quite handy to use AFAIK or IIRC to indicate you're not entirely sure about what you're about to say, and are willing to be corrected.

That, of course, seems to be a rare form of discourse on the internet. What one mostly sees is text-speak for da yoot, and I thought of developing a few for us grumpy wrinklies. IDBI!!!!! would be an obvious one; people who remember Mr. Growser would welcome IONTBA!!

To my surprise YCMIU is already in use, not that I'm quite in that part of the grumpy spectrum. The really elderly and grumpy might find PTSA useful.

And the only reason I can suppose why people aren't already using YOY is that you don't normally type in green ink (yes I do know that financial people use it to mean year-on-year, how dull).

Anyhow, time for bed - so TTFN.

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