Heron Island, Great Barrier Reef, Australia

Monday 6 April 2020

Tell it not in Gath, but I think I've found the sweet spot for visiting the supermarket. Three weeks ago, having thought to ask for an early refill of my prescription to cover me for the next three months or so, I went to the supermarket nearest the pharmacy to find that things like, not just the seemingly inevitable toilet rolls (I read of a delivery driver who filled someone's order for 120 of the things, can you believe), but oils and vinegars, rice and pasta had been cleared out. Two weeks ago, it seemed a clever idea to try to go for opening time on a Saturday, only to find that my regular supermarket was staggering entrance to a small group at any one time, and the distancing queue stretched practically to the other end of the shopping centre. But as it happens, the smaller supermarket up the other end of the centre wasn't busy at all and had certainly enough, even if not necessarily what I would normally have bought.

This week, however, mid-morning on a regular weekday seems to be the quiet spot for my regular supermarket (usually, it's quieter on a Saturday when all the regular office workers in the complex are away). No queues, and plenty of stock (though still not rice and pasta, which isn't that surprising, and I didn't bother to check on the toilet roll situation).

So with luck, one can be reasonably confident a new routine has settled down. Thank goodness the weather is more encouraging for getting outside and taking the push-bike somewhere else. Today it was a shortish run up to Limehouse and back, stopping only to admire this display:
Tulips in lockdown - sounds like a title for a very odd movie


  1. I haven't been inside the supermarket for three weeks, preferring to pick up orders placed on line, so I can't vouch for the state of the shelves. Our pantry is pretty well stocked, but not because of the current situation. It's just the normal state of things. We have pasta and rice for a while. What we're lacking is fresh veg. We've been trying to eat out of the freezer, so we're getting some veg that way. Keep calm and isolate on, eh?

  2. Stay safe, Mr Auty!
    I'm going to try freezing some fresh vegetables, because they're also what I run out of. I'd like to try to make my own bread, but can't find flour anywhere - everyone is having the same idea.