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Saturday 2 May 2015

Madeira: Flowers and gardens

Up in the hills behind Funchal (so high there's a cable car up to it) is the village of Monte, which hosts not only the last resting-place of the last Austro-Hungarian Emperor (still, its seems, attracting Hungarian devotees) and the start of Madeira's much-touted street toboggan rides (no, we didn't), but also several gardens.

 One of them is the Palace Tropical Garden, which sets into a deep ravine a largely Oriental-style of garden, hence this cheery chap.

There's also a large collection of other tropical plants and traditional ornamental tiling with a focus on Portugese links to Asia.

But the ordinary domestic gardens can show some interesting displays, not to mention the wild plants, which can verge on the weird and wonderful:


  1. Goodness, one strolls through Madeira and falls over outdated Habsburgian monarchs ... These doors are fantastic (Nr. 13a, f.e.), thank you for the very interesting pictures.

    (Sorry to mention : The first link loads down the image of the jolly Asian "Christophorus".)

  2. Thank you Herr Mago - now corrected. Der unglückliche Karl is restored (here at least)!