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Saturday, 26 April 2008

Plus ça change...

I haven't been out and about the last few weekends, as I needed to move furniture in and out of the living room while the flooring was replaced; and I've also been dithering about some shiny new TV kit (and lugged a load of broken old stuff to the tip - thank goodness it's on a bus route).

But today I was up in town and saw - guess what - a couple of punks, Kings Road 1980s style. This was in Shoreditch High St (where else), so perhaps they were being ironic, or retro or something. I didn't think to take a photo - if I had I'd have been too timid to go through with it - but there may have been something post-modern about the way what would once have been a pink Mohican crest over the top of the skull was set along one side, while on the other side was a line of hair set like science-fiction eyes on stalks, or Björk's bunches on steroids.

But that wasn't what made them stand out, so much as how huffy they were getting at not being able to get a taxi to stop for them....

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