Heron Island, Great Barrier Reef, Australia

Sunday 19 May 2024


Saturday morning, and all organised (for once), computer set up and open at the Albert Hall booking page, ready for opening time to buy tickets for BBC Proms concerts. The clock ticked down the minutes and seconds to 9am - and as it ticked over, up came my position in the queue, randomly allocated (as to everyone else sitting waiting) - yes, it did say 7227.

How many people might be allocated spaces further back, who knows, but when I stupidly managed to open another site in the same window, I'd slipped to 7905 by the time I got back again. That'll teach me.

The people ahead of me were getting through at quite a rate, but even so, an hour or more's wait.... Still, better than queueing on the day for the standing tickets - those days are well behind me now. And I suppose it's worse for the fans of many a big pop performer.


  1. So you are going? That's a lot of people in the virtual queue!