Heron Island, Great Barrier Reef, Australia

Sunday 5 November 2023

Talk about "We interrupt your viewing.."

 It being a dank and rainy evening for Guy Fawkes night, cocooning with the curtains drawn, and the TV on - as it happens, a documentary all about those barrels of gunpowder underneath the House of Lords, and all the rest. The distant whooshes and booms of fireworks some brave souls were letting off despite the weather seemed a good long way away. Until some came very loud and seemingly very near. I wondered if it was someone on their balcony upstairs. but this morning, it appears that some bright (?) sparks (see what I did there) had decided to look for somewhere dry for their  fireworks - like the garage on the ground floor of this block.

Yes, the garage. Containing a fair number of cars - with petrol tanks.

Luckily we're all still here. And they probably didn't realise they were on CCTV. 

Whether we'll hear any more about it, who knows? I'd better check my insurance, but in the meantime here are some much safer fireworks from, well, some years ago


  1. There are some blithering idiots about! Gawd only knows why home fireworks are still so easy to buy...

    We've had the whooshes and bangs - and DJ music - for the past two nights, thanks to the Ally Pally organised displays (unfortunately we can't see them from where we are). Heaven knows what tonight's going to bring. Jx

  2. I heard some fireworks in the distance, but they were mostly muffled by the sound of the rain.
    Your experience would have made me very nervy - as in: What else do these idiots get up to that could compromise my safety?