Heron Island, Great Barrier Reef, Australia

Sunday 23 August 2020

Passing the time

Among the little bits of life admin that nag at me are the accumulations of digital entertainment (that's recordings, not finger-puppets) in my video recorder and computer. I blame that "Series Record" button.

Slowly but surely I've been weeding out the recorder files, with some saved into a portable hard drive, for if and when travel abroad is possible again and the equivalent local services are - well, just not that entertaining. 

It can a be a tiresome slog waiting for the copying to be done and then renaming the files of some long-running series into some sort of comprehensible order (hence the slowness). And all too often some other little project suggests itself - this weekend, a cheerfully inconsequential piece of French swing music on the radio. I thought it would be something different to put into a video with the words. The wonders of the internet soon turned up a suitable photograph of the performers and the words, but experimenting with layouts, fonts and colours took a time: but stitched together it seems to work (well, it kept me amusedoccupied for a few hours):

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