Heron Island, Great Barrier Reef, Australia

Sunday 8 April 2018

Nice day for a bike ride

Well, it was last Thursday (how soon one forgets once it starts to rain again). Opportunities like that need to be seized, so it was time to aim to ride up to town and through to the parks.

The route passed Trafalgar Square - and the latest occupant of the Fourth Plinth.

This solemn creature is a reminder of the decidedly nasty: a replica of a lamassu, a particular sort of chimera guarding the gates of Nineveh, which was blown up by the iconoclasts of IS.

And it's all (including the cuneiform inscription) made out of date tins, dates being once Iraq's principal export industry, also now severely damaged by conflict over the decades.

What a contrast from the swagger of the memorial at the end of the ride: Prince Albert gleaming through the magnolias:


  1. I would not have thought to see a lamassu in your parts; it is rather unsettling. what do the neighbors wonder?

  2. There's a joke in there somewhere... something about Prince Albert... and a can (tin)...

  3. Sunny again, I hope Prince Albert is still looking glorious.