Heron Island, Great Barrier Reef, Australia

Sunday 2 April 2017

A taxi marooned on a roundabout...

.... with a metal tree sprouting through its roof is probably a sign of artists somewhere in the undergrowth.

Sure enough, down a road bordered by anonymous walls and what look like sites just awaiting the latest batch of expensive rabbit-hutch flats is Trinity Buoy Wharf, once the home of a shipyard and the base for Trinity House and its lighthouses, but now an enclave for arts and crafts, and seemingly holding another open weekend.

Except that not much seemed to be on view, apart from the cafés (where there's art, there's a catering opportunity), and these ladies. Still, it was a good excuse for a bike ride on a sunny morning.


  1. roundabouts (or traffic circles) are beginning to catch-on here in AZ. Nobody seems to find them good. I daresay cars marooned in the roundabout assures their worse fears these foreign things will cause accidents.

  2. Naked women are okay.