Heron Island, Great Barrier Reef, Australia

Tuesday 3 January 2017

Leftovers jam

Most years, gooseberries have such a short season in the supermarkets that they need to be snapped up, even if they aren't always used up: which means there are usually some lurking in the freezer waiting to be turned into jam - when I get around to it. And last week, the round tuit arrived.

It occurred to me this might be a useful occasion to make use of some items from the back of the cupboard, relics of past Christmas goody gifts. The last couple of chunks of some preserved ginger seemed a good match for gooseberries, even after sitting in their syrup for a couple of years; and then there was a jar of black figs with some brandy in the syrup. Figs have never been much of a favourite on their own, or even in a fruit salad (the only other idea I'd had for them), but chopped up they might add something to the gooseberries, even if it's only some extra pectin to set the jam.

The result may look a bit murky, but tastes good (still not keen on figs, though).

It's taken a few days' wait after eating some to be sure it's a modest success because, as I was putting the fig jar into the recycling, I noticed the date on it was...... some time in 2008.


  1. Waste not want not! the jam sounds good.

  2. I have not ever had gooseberries, alas.

  3. All I find in the board are leftover jams.

    Had to translate gooseberries - Stachelbeeren ! I haven't seen them for years, not on the market or in a supermarket, ate them the last time as kid.
    Congratulations for doing the figs in, you are brave.

  4. Was one of the jams spoiled ?