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Saturday 24 December 2016

Christmas lights

This year, the main displays in central London seem to have moved away from the heavily commercial and promotional styles of recent years. Regent Street is all angels:

even if the crowd outside Hamleys looks like as mad a scrum as ever. The small streets around are getting in on the act as well, and Oxford St has gone to town on a starry theme as a charitable promotion:
Carnaby Street is reviving its 1960s reputation:
Not to be outdone, Covent Garden has seized on a mistletoe theme:
Seven Dials was severely modernistic for several years, but is now back with a more traditional sort of look:
but down on the Strand, they've gone for something more abstract, perhaps echoing the traditional austerity of the Norwegian donors of the Trafalgar Square tree:
 In the shops, some have gone for similar restraint, and John Lewis doesn't go much beyond imagining woodland animals' burrows full of everyday products:
 but Selfridges has Santa on an expensive winter sports holiday, which seems to include a hot tub full of champagne:

And up in Soho, your friendly neighbourhood sex shop is keeping up with the season:


  1. May Father Christmas be good to you!

  2. Now then.... which 3 for 2 should I choose....?
    Have a good one!

  3. Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!