Heron Island, Great Barrier Reef, Australia

Tuesday 4 October 2016

A learning experience....

Always double-check the packaging.

Having been organised enough to anticipate the impending emptiness of my last packet of coffee, I took the latest purchase out of the freezer, only to find it was a packet of beans rather than ground for filtering.

What's more, I have no coffee grinder. A food processor (slices, grates and liquidises, but that's about it); a stick blender (no, I don't think coffee soup would work); but no coffee grinder as such.

And then I remembered a Christmas gift from years ago. Out from under an accumulation of old, half-used spice packets (I dare not reveal how old) came the pestle and mortar. Five minutes' or so of vigorous pestling (or mortaring) produced something close to a brewable powder.

The results were palatable enough; and a tiny bit of exercise to boot. I call that a small victory, Or a score-draw at least.


  1. The "vessel with the pestle, chalice from the palace" bit is one of my favorites. Mildred Natwick was brilliant! They broke the chalice from the palace! LOL

  2. If you dig deep enough you never know what you'll find at the back of the cupboard.

  3. Full marks for resourcefulness,
    but time to go buy a coffee grinder. I keep my beans in the freezer and grind only as many as I want at a time; result: coffee bliss. Even though mine has to be decaf. Waitrose do an excellent Colombian decaf.