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Thursday 19 May 2016

Parisian politics - afterthought

As the referendum debate in this country (I'll be out of the country again, so I'll be voting early, though not often) becomes more and more chaotic farcical,  I'm reminded that there was a European Day outside the Hotel de Ville in Paris.

 In part some display panels about what sort of projects in France EU money has been spent on, in part a fair with stands for all sorts of EU institutions and pressure groups to hand out the usual flyers and goodies, in part some entertainment and some serious talks (that looked less enticing):

And someone was selling a book of jokes based on national stereotypes, the cover handily showing you who makes fun of whom. Not surprisingly, most people seem to tell jokes about their neighbours (though somehow the Danes and Portuguese get overlooked). But why (apparently) do Hungarians tell jokes about Scots?


  1. It's all getting too much and it's not even June yet... you tell things have gone a bit wrong when they wheel Hitler out for an airing.

  2. Have no clue about the Hungarians, I doubt they tell jokes at all. But look at Italy on this cover - I think it's the only country in it's own colours !

  3. It reminds me of the Monty Python sketch where they were thinking of a joke about the Belgiums One conclusion was she could not think of anything more comical than Belgiums.