Heron Island, Great Barrier Reef, Australia

Thursday 4 September 2014

Papers, please!

Never mind what we tend to think about the way the US organises (or not) its medical care, something there seems to encourage a different sort of patient empowerment.

On one US-based forum I dip in and out of, a discussion on whether certain sorts of treatment should be hospital-only included someone's claim that:

I've never gone into an OR for a procedure (major or minor) unless I have everyone who will be working on me in the pre-op room for proper introductions, review again of complete details of procedure and documents of their backgrounds.

Imagine trying that here.


  1. I cannot actually imagine it happening there, either. But then, it's a big country.

  2. How bloody stupid and time wasting.
    Do you trust your medical practitioners or not?

    If anyone asked a professional for their credentials every time they needed his/her services that person would soon have no one paying them a blind bit of notice.