Heron Island, Great Barrier Reef, Australia

Saturday, 30 March 2013

Jargogled, at all?

A slight touch of apricity at last, after so much lumming and the not so distant memory of snowbroth, not to mention the enlivening prospect of a longer twitter-light, tempted me out on my bike again.

Not that the exercise is likely to turn me into a monsterfully callipygian snoutfair, but it might hold at bay for a little longer the chances of becoming a complete jollux. Alas, the wind deals such a curglaff that any bike discovers its inherent resistentialism, gorgonizing the rider into an elflocked quockerwodger, reduced to groaking outside the chippy like a lunting slubberdegullion, or tempted into the warmth of the pub, even at the risk of a fuzzled, crapulous curmuring.

In case you're thinking these must be the beef-witted twattlings, hugger-mugger cant or grumpish brabbling of a lethophobic cockalorum, relax: it's just a test of whether it pays, as the Reader's Digest used to say, to increase your word power - with the help of this little list.


  1. I usually reckon to understand you without the aid of a dictionary, but I had to look up some of these words. What an absolutely brilliant list of obsolete words in your link. Shall we start a campaign to revive them? Doubt if it will pay though.

  2. I found a blog post generator today... with this, and all these wonderful words... I'll never be blocked for a blog post ever again.