Heron Island, Great Barrier Reef, Australia

Saturday, 23 February 2013

Adults only

Flicking through the electronic programme guide list of movies to see if there's anything worth recording (you'd be surprised how many "Everyone's seen that" films I never got to - or maybe not), I found this warning in one movie's information note: "Scenes of violence/torture/sex/live octopus ingestion."

Ah well, it certainly helped me decide whether or not to bother. Unlike the occasional warning that a film "contains mild language". Are they imagining people saying "That's no good, I want non-stop swearing tonight"?


  1. Oldboy. Great film. About to be ruined by a Hollywood remake.

  2. Mild language? Doesn’t that usually mean a fair bit of swearing?

    It amuses me that ‘language’ has come to mean a foul mouth.

    The only films I see nowadays are the ones that come to the village hall, by courtesy of arts alive. They always choose the soporific kind, nothing to get worked up about. TV takes care of the rest, eventually.

  3. I'm with David: It's actually an excellent film!