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Friday 15 July 2011

Busy day in Canary Wharf

We're quite used to finding a cruise ship moored opposite the estate, at the grandly-name London Cruise Terminal (a couple of portakabins on a pontoon, which moves up and down the river according to where the mooring has been booked). Yesterday, it was a surprise to find it at Canary Wharf, for the Deutschland (it would have been even more of a surprise for any late risers in the flats beside the dock when they opened their curtains).

Apparently she is on a proving trip for use in next year's Olympics (are they really not putting up their Olympic team in the Village?). Yesterday's passengers, though, looked as though they would, at best, be competing in the 100-metre shopping saunter (my last remaining chance of an Olympic medal).

But we also had more familiar visitors. As I arrived, a couple of ships from the Belgian Navy were passing through the lock from the river, their military fearsomeness rather overshadowed by the size of the Deutschland, and (it has to be said) their rather unwarlike names - Godetia and Primula.

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