Heron Island, Great Barrier Reef, Australia

Thursday 21 January 2010


Name: Cheapo Microwave
PorridgeTick VGThe best results to date; care and attention needed to prevent natural exuberance from causing entirely avoidable explosions.
Frozen sconesTick VGVery pleasing presentation.
Buns and muffinsSatisfactoryResults acceptable, but a little more work needed to arrive at a happy medium between flabby and stodgy.
Scrambled eggsGoodResults very acceptable, but seems to require close and repeated attention, showing little improvement over traditional methods.
Baked potatoPassableTimidity tending to excess effort for less than optimum results.
Suet rolypolyPassableSee Baked potato.
Curly kaleGoodVery acceptable results.

General comments: 

A good start.

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