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Tuesday, 24 July 2007

How sweet....

I've just received this at my office email address:

Subject: Re[5]: Nice to meet you! |
Hello to you

I need someone to make the stars brighter, to make the rainy days not so
I need someone to make me smile, someone who will love me.
I need someone who will give me a hope and love when I am feeling down.
I need someone who will support me and help me reach the top of happiness.
I need someone who will care, someone who will never betray and go away.
I need someone who will comfort me, someone who will cheer me on, and hold my hands through night, noon and dawn.
I need only you! My intuition is so strong that I don't believe that it can say lie.
You are a man of my dream.
I will wait for your reply here
[URL removed: I'm not that daft]

Sincerely yourth

Well, I was tempted to start a little light flirtation by email, if only to see if there's the makings of something like this in it. But honestly, would it have been worth it even if some entirely sincere stranger had sent it?

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